Epik Token | The Future Of Digital Collectibles

The gaming industry continues to see growth in popularity around the world, with the most popular games gaining as many viewers as the world’s biggest sporting events. With this growth in popularity, the industry has seen an influx of funding and professional gaming solutions unlike ever before. The Epik token team plans to create a platform to allow users and game producers to establish better long-term relations. As the two core components of the gaming community, content producers and gamers alike will become empowered with the use of the Epik token. To do so, the platform will allow in-game and in-app purchases of digital rewards such as items and rewards users can collect. The team plans to make use of the BLMP network, a blockchain licensing solution for branded digital content to further support their objectives with content providers. This licensing platform will enable users to access exclusive digital content. With this partnership, it will open the Epik platform to 1,000 of brands already onboard.

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The Epik Objectives

As the popularity of the gaming industry takes hold around the world, the Epik token team hopes to establish a platform to reward users and establish dedicated customer bases for gaming platforms. The Epik token will enable users to collect digital collectibles such as unique items from video games, mobile apps, augmented reality, virtual reality and even branded emojis. The platform will allow users to collect unique digital items powered by the Epik platform.  The team hopes to incentivize users to join the network with exclusive digital collectibles that will also unlock special bonuses from games. Finally, to promote the Epik token platform, the team has established a variety of partners even prior to the launch of the platform. The partners included exciting and popular brands such as Angry Birds, Rovio, and Yo-kai watch. These existing brand partnerships display market demand for the service which will drive traffic to popular gaming brands with their platform incentives.

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